Myths About Psychedelics

Since the medical use of magic mushrooms is not approved now, and there are not enough official studies related to how psilocybin-containing mushrooms influence the ...
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Delta 8 CBD

What is Delta 8 CBD

Delta 8 CBD is becoming more and more popular. Everyone knows, for example, what CBD hemp oil is. But not everyone knows what is delta ...
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How Many Types Of CBD Oil Are There?

At the moment, the topic of cannabis is very popular in itself since it was recently legalized. Scientists are gradually conducting more and more new ...
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Store Magic Mushrooms

How To Store Magic Mushrooms?

Currently, the consumption of magic mushrooms that contain the active ingredient psilocybin has become a quite common method for improving general health conditions. Anyway, psilocybin ...
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shrooms affect your brain

What Psychedelics Do To Your Brain?

People who have taken psychedelic drugs are said to reach a higher level of consciousness under the psilocybin influence. But what actually happens in the ...
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Psychedelic Mushrooms

How Many Different Types Of Psychedelic Mushrooms Are There?

The psilocybin-containing mushrooms are now widely used for different purposes – microdosing goes for improving a mental health condition, while the full doses are about ...
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