June 29, 2022
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How Many Types Of CBD Oil Are There?


At the moment, the topic of cannabis is very popular in itself since it was recently legalized. Scientists are gradually conducting more and more new studies that prove the effectiveness of using this product for the treatment of depression, PTSD and alleviating the painful sensations of patients with oncology.

But we, as ordinary people, may still not know a lot about the different types and forms of cannabis and its extract, for example, about CBD oil tincture.

Let us together, referring to the information provided by our experts, finally figure out what it is, what CBD types are, their advantages, and how to buy them.

Question number one: what is CBD?

So, for starters, CBD is a substance called cannabidiol. This chemical compound is found, as you might guess, in the cannabis plant. It was isolated in the form of an extract in connection with the discovery of its medicinal properties. Among them, we distinguish:
1) fighting insomnia;
2) increased anxiety;
3) suffering from panic attacks;
4) getting out of dependence on drugs and alcoholic beverages;
5) treatment of severe epilepsy;
6) reducing sensitivity to pain.

At the same time, as a rule, CBD either completely lacks THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or very little.

Since the regulation of CBD-containing products is currently at a low level and is not regulated by the official FDA in our country, you will have to learn how to independently monitor the quality and reputation of companies that sell and manufacture different types of CBD products.

What types of CBD oil are there?

So, it is customary to divide all such products into three varieties:

1) Those containing the full spectrum of CBD;

This is a plant in its natural, almost unchanged composition, only in oils, tablets, creams, and so on with all compounds and active substances like THC, of ​​course, in a very reduced amount (about a third of one percent).

2) Those that contain a wide range of CBD;

Everything here is the same as in the full spectrum drug, except THC. All other chemical characteristics are consistent with a live marijuana plant.

3) Those containing only CBD;

These drugs are called CBD isolates. It should be noted that this is precisely a crystal clear extract of the substance, without any other impurities.

What will the drug test show when using different CBD oil types?

It is understood that a wide and full range of products can affect the results of the test performed on your blood, saliva, or hair. Although some THC presents here is very small, especially when taking cannabis as a dried plant.
However, it is worth remembering that the test can detect even an isolate since any traces of this substance will most likely remain in the final product. This resembles labels on packages, for example, with sausages, indicating that there may be residual traces of peanuts, dairy products, and so on.

How do you choose?

We advise you to choose products that belong to the full spectrum of CBD. Because in combination, all the oil components will work better and be more potent than separately. Scientists have even named such a feature the “entourage effect.”
On the other hand, of course, you can remotely sense some effects of THC use, like euphoria, intoxication, and also expect to be seen when taking a drug test, as we said.
If you want to stay sober with CBD, feel free to opt for an isolated or broad-spectrum product.

What are the forms of use?

The most common CBD foods are, of course, oils or tinctures. However, there are also gummies.
Despite this, all of them are united because they work and have an unmistakable characteristic taste.

So, we have found out with you that there are different types of CBD oil, what functions they perform, and which product will be best for you. Good luck with your experiments!