May 16, 2022
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How To Store Magic Mushrooms?

Store Magic Mushrooms

Currently, the consumption of magic mushrooms that contain the active ingredient psilocybin has become a quite common method for improving general health conditions. Anyway, psilocybin as a substance is still illegal in many states, but users have found a way of getting it. 

Experienced consumers pick up shrooms straight from meadows and pastures, or even grow them up at home, while others prefer to buy shrooms online. The popular question on the user’s forums sounds like how long can you store shrooms. Well, let’s find out about the best way to store shrooms, no matter in which shape you have got them.

How to keep fresh magic mushrooms?

Despite the shrooms` spices, it is not recommended to store fresh magic mushrooms – they are likely to become covered with mold over time, or even begin to rot. Keep in mind that spoiled shrooms can easily turn a good experience into bad. 

So, if you for some reason can’t dry up magic mushrooms urgently, you can still store them in a fridge for five-ten days. For that, you need to spread mushrooms on a clean unbleached towel and then put them into a paper bag that should be rolled properly. You will have to check up on shrooms regularly to make sure there is no mold inside.

How to store dried shrooms?

Whether you are wondering where to store shrooms after you dried them, the best variant is keeping them in a clean dry jar far away from straight sun rays. Dried shrooms are considering the best longest stored method of keeping compared to others – you can store magic mushrooms in the dry form for up to 12 months. 

You just need to place dried shrooms in a glass jar with silica gel packs, then close the jar tightly with a lid, and keep it in a shaded kitchen cupboard.

How to store liquid shrooms?

Apart from the fresh and dried shrooms, you would like to store, there is another solution for storing. A quite common method for keeping magic mushrooms up to four months is in honey. How to do this? Once you dried shrooms, gently put them inside a glass jar or any airtight container, pour with honey, hermetically sealed, and then keep it in a dark breezy place. 

It isn’t the longest-lasting way for storing magic mushrooms, but still, a wonderful variant that helps you to enjoy them for a couple of months.

What is the best way to store shrooms powder?

Powder made from shrooms is likely to be inserted into capsules. This way, storing magic mushrooms capsules doesn’t require a strict following of the storing rules. You can keep them like any other supplements – in an airtight container with a food-grade silica packet. You would better put a container with capsules into a dark, cool place to make sure they will be stored for up to 12 months.